A&B living
The factory of ideas

There are places that when you meet them you cannot forget them. Unexpected, magical places where even the most complicated things can become reality. A&B Living is one of these places.
The company was born in 2019 from the desire of Alessio Bernardini, its founder, to give shape to unmistakable finishes for unique design pieces.
The long experience in woodworking, typical of the furniture manufacturing that has its roots here, is flanked by a deep knowledge of materials and processes that contribute to the creation of special surfaces and finishes. Manual workmanship, where man is the protagonist, with which furniture of great and even symbolic value is created. After the experience gained in Parisian ateliers and at A&B Wood Finishes, of which he is the owner, Alessio decided to make his creativity and craftsmanship available to European designers. Thus, the first pieces designed by Philippe Nigro, Luca Barengo, Francesco Citterio and Marco Sorrentino were born, later joined by Anthony Guerrée and Alberto Vismara. Creativity and craftsmanship are peculiarities of this company, together with attention to the quality of raw materials and care for detail. A&B Living is a factory of ideas that are elaborated, studied and then represented through the use of different materials, becoming first finishes and then finished products. But the magic does not stop there. Over time, the creative process, technique and manual skills have been transferred to young workers from all over the world. This openness to experimentation and the desire to share a passion with a team of professionals from different cultures makes this company a virtuous example of how ancient works can find a place in the contemporary world and grow through interpretation, becoming themselves an ethical and social glue.
Every object produced is the synthesis of an idea and perfect execution. A&B Living is the place where ideas are manufactured.


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